Our Method

Success in the music industry requires a team effort. That famous star in the spotlight has an army of support, hiding behind the curtain.

Just as the perfect meal requires the right ingredients… a touch of this, a taste of that.

Think of Bliss Entertainment as the perfect takeout menu for show biz success. We offer the perfect menu to feed your dreams, from mangament, to distribution, to promotion and publicity. 


Bliss Entertainment thrives on the success of relationships. We know the music industry and have established personal connections with the most important players in it. Together we help clear the path and guide the stars.

  • Career Stategy
  • Business Management
  • Tour Logistics


We enjoys a special partnership with Ingrooves/Universal Music Group, a global music distribution company that combines a powerful technology platform, data-driven insights and a team of global music marketing experts to help labels and artists maximize their revenue potential in today’s dynamic music marketplace.

  • Streaming
  • Physical Distribution


The revolution will not be televised. It will be broadcast, world-wide, on every platform available at your fingertips. Our creative team are masters of the spotlight and the digital space, connecting your music to the biggest audience.

  • Define The Story
  • Tell The Story
  • Create Engagement
  • Social Media


We present you in the best lgiht, the spotlight. We are experts in raising awareness and visibility for our artists.

  • Business Marketing Stategy
  • Growth Expansion
  • Sales Connection
  • Radio Promotion

Brand Identity

We bring image to your sound. We harness the power of visual & verbal storytelling to connect your core message with the ideal audience in style.

  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Imagery Identity
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Web Design